(02) GIFT Team

Gauging Individuals For Tasks

Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

James 1:22

Evaluating the gifts and desires of those at St. Mark.

Team Purpose

This team will perform a much-needed review and assessment of the abilities of our staff and members so that we know where we are gifted and, as a result, the best ways and places for us as a congregation to serve.

In addition, this team will work with the M.O.S.T. team to evaluate and populate our current mission, outreach, and service teams at St. Mark.

Team Tasks

Evaluate the Gift Needs of St. Mark

What kind of information and data does St. Mark need when looking at spiritual (and other) gifts? There’s no use using a great inventory or tool if we won’t use or don’t need the data it tracks. This should be researched with the M.O.S.T. and D.A.T.A. teams.

Research and Evaluate Gift Inventory and Assessment Tools Available

St. Mark has used many different types of inventories and tools in the past, including (but certainly not limited to):

i.       S.H.A.P.E. [previously used] (www.sbpcshape.org/FAQ-Page1)

ii.     KodaChrome [previously used, but no longer free] (www.kodachrome.org/spiritgift/)

iii.    Stephen Ministries notebook [I found an extra notebook in my office dealing just with Spiritual Gifts. The style looks like it is a Stephen Ministry resource, but it doesn’t say anywhere. The notebook is far too big to include here, so the notebook, in its entirety, will be under the stewardship of this team.]

iv.    Simple Spreadsheets simply tracking events, ministries, talents and hobbies of members

v.     Various “Spiritual Gift Inventories,” each listing different “gifts.”

This team will research what is available as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each inventory/approach so as to best match our needs and our members’ gifts.

Evaluate and Update Past Gift Inventories

Work with the D.A.T.A. team to evaluate and update past gift inventories and work to bring everything together in a consistent, aligned, and updated manner.

In many cases, some items from past endeavors will not neatly carry over and may need to be discarded.

NOTE: The team will want to review older documents — “A Few Previous Records for Some People’s Spiritual Gifts” (goo.gl/Hsyqfm) as well as “Spiritual Gift Ministry Team” (goo.gl/KEV2iO). These documents are also in the Appendices.

St. Mark Passions and Skill Sets

Discover the Spiritual gifts, passions and abilities of our members to serve the needs of our community.

Ensure the Gifts of New Members

Work with the Assimilation team at St. Mark to ensure the gifts of new members are evaluated and tied in to the ministries at St. Mark.