(06) BOLD Team

Building Outside our Local Domain

And I heard the voice of the LORD saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for US?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8

Evaluating and working toward a short-term (inter)national mission trip.

Team Purpose

This team will look into opportunities for serving and sharing outside of our local scope in the Houston area – specifically in other parts of the state, country, and world.

Team Tasks

Coordinate on-going Support for Missionaries and Mission Efforts: both globally and locally.

Explore Possibilities for Working with Current Synodical/District Missions/Missionaries

when and where appropriate. e.g.:

  1. Former St. Mark and Messiah pastor, Pastor Richard Schuller, and his wife, Gema (www.lcms.org/schuller) are new LCMS missionaries in Puerto Rico (www.lcms.org/puertorico).
  2. Son of the congregation, Pastor Joel Fritsche and his family (www.lcms.org/fritsche) are new LCMS missionaries in the Dominican Republic (www.lcms.org/dominicanrepublic).

Evaluate the benefits of supporting and partnering with them (or similar missionaries), including visits to serve there.

Explore Possibilities with our Sister Churches

e.g. St. Timothy, Salem, and other LCMS congregations take teams to Kenya on a regular basis.

Evaluate the benefits of partnering with our sister churches in endeavors like this (like not having to start from scratch and building inter-congregational relationships).

Investigate other National and International Possibilities which Fit the Strengths and Callings of the People of St. Mark

(as discovered with the “G.I.F.T.” team). [e.g. “MOST Ministries” {“Mission Opportunities Short Term”} (www.mostministries.org) Not to be confused with this “M.O.S.T.” ministry. This ministry is the group Jennifer and I were with when we did our mission trip to Tanzania.]

Share and Promote Trips and Work Toward Raising Necessary Awareness and Funds

They will also clearly communicate items needed (Immunizations? Phones? etc.) for those going on the trip (as well as deadlines) and help in any needed pre-trip training.

Setup a Regular Pattern for Trips – both National and International

e.g. National trips in odd years and international in even or something similar, so people know what to expect and when.

Share Information with the D.A.T.A. Team

For recording, searching, and archiving – both of the possibilities as well as completed trips.