(08) DATA Team

Data Acquisition and Tactical Assessment

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.

Isaiah 1:17

Finding the best way to keep track of, analyze, and use data M.O.S.T. generates.

Team Purpose

This team will work with the other teams to make sure all data accumulated is correctly stored for simple searching and use as well as for archival purposes.

Team Tasks

Maintain a List of Ministries and Opportunities

Have at the ready a list of ministries and opportunities that need volunteers so that when individuals and groups seek out a way to serve, you are ready to help them set up those opportunities with the contacts and connections you have already established.

Evaluate the Best Manner to Record Data so it is Consistent, Simple, and Aligned with the Needs of the Teams

Set Up Data Storage and Retrieval Processes and Train Team Members in Their Use

Research and Evaluate Current Data Information Available for the Benefit of the Teams

Seek other data and information – both within and outside of St. Mark – for the benefit of the teams and ministries at St. Mark. e.g.

  1. St. Mark has access to MissionInsite (missioninsite.com) which has a huge amount of information, but that information may not be easy for the other teams to access or interpret. This team will get familiar with the site and what it has to offer and will help the teams that would benefit from it get the information they need to further their team’s mission.
  2. Another useful site is BarnaGroup (www.barna.org). There are others the team can research and utilize.