He’s Here Early

Well, here he is, early!

Jen and I want to share with y’all all of the details about Ben’s birth, but a full letter will have to wait until tomorrow…Until then, here is a short summary…

Ben came into the world through a quick delivery early Sunday morning. He had some trouble breathing and they took him to the Neonatal ICU for oxygen. They also performed an echocardiogram. Finally, they suspected that Benjamin has Down syndrome.

The “echo” seems to have come back fine. It appears that there is probably (though not defiantly) a small hole in the upper chamber of his heart. If so, any treatment would take place years later.

Benjamin has gone from 100% oxygen yesterday to having all external oxygen removed (as of 10pm 2/26)! – Praise God! This should mean that Ben may be able to come home a lot sooner than we expected! – God hears and answers prayers!

Also, although a chromosome analysis has not been done yet (but will be), it does, indeed, appear that God has blest us with a child that is more than others. – After all, almost everyone else just has 46 chromosomes and he has 47! – We certainly understand that Ben will have special struggles – as will we – but we also know that we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful (and feisty!) boy whom we adore. – God will see us through all of the struggles and joys; we have no doubts about that. – So please, do not feel sorry for us or Ben, but rejoice with us in the beautiful addition to our family – we certainly are!

More to come later…

Scott, Jennifer, Daniel, & Benjamin Heitshusen

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