Ben is Scheduled to be Released from the Hospital

Ben is scheduled to be released from the hospital to come home tomorrow, March 4, 2001! – PRAISE GOD!!

His progress this last week has been nothing less than miraculous! – God is so wonderful and has heard the numerous prayers that people have been raising for Ben, Jennifer, Daniel, and me. THANK YOU, and KEEP IT UP, PLEASE!!

We are so excited about being able to bring Ben home and love him here. We also think that it will be much easier on Daniel to actually see his baby brother instead of just hearing about him. – I think he thinks Ben is just a figment of our imagination!

Of course, Jennifer and I have always known that Dan would be a great big brother and now we are more convinced of that than ever. We thank God for giving Daniel to us to love and to help us and Benjamin during times of struggle.

Our families – biological, Trinity, and family of friends – have been absolutely fabulous! They have constantly shown us their love and support this last week through letters, cards, gifts, hugs, tears, phone calls, and especially prayers. – Words cannot express how much every one of them – of you – mean to us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jennifer and I have been reading up on Down syndrome but, obviously, still have much to learn. Here are just a few links:

We are just so pleased that God has blessed us with such a beautiful little boy and we know that, no matter what struggles arise, God will see us through them and work them out for good. (Romans 8:28)

Scott, Jennifer, Daniel, & Benjamin Heitshusen

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