Ben’s Home!

Ben came home on Sunday, March 4 as planned! We are so pleased to have him home and off all IVs, monitors, and antibiotics.

Daniel was absolutely fabulous! In fact, we had to hold him back because he kept wanting to “huga baby” and “huga Beh”. – He also gave Ben a lot of great kisses. (We got some of this on video!) We got a couple of pictures when Dan laid next to Ben, but was still checkin’ things out – not exactly sure what to expect.

Unlike Daniel, Ben actually sleeps! – WOW! He usually sleeps in 3-5 hour intervals, waking between them to be changed and fed. – This is quite a change from Daniel who didn’t ever want to miss anything ad so stayed awake as much as he possibly could.

Ben also doesn’t seem to need to (or want to) “scream” when he needs food. He cries, but not like Daniel did.

Mom and I could get used to this!

Anyway, he is eating and sleeping well. He loves to be held and cuddled, and Daniel is starting to get used to his presence. All-in-all, he is doing splendidly!

In our gracious and loving Lord, Jesus Christ,

Scott, Jen, Dan, & Ben

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