Daniel Update

Daniel continues to amaze us. He is such a sponge and always energetic. He continues to have so much energy that he wears us out just watching him. He also constantly makes Jen and I look at each other and wonder “where/how did he learn that?” (all good things!).

Some of the highlights…Daniel knows:

He likes:

  • swimming (almost every day. In fact, sometimes the only way we can get him to take a nap is to say “if you don’t take a nap, we can’t go swimming later.” That usually does it!)
  • playing with his friends
  • cooking – especially cookies and daddy’s cake (which, of course, dad likes too)

  • watching Veggietales, Teletubbies, The Wiggles, Barney & Friends, and other videos

  • playing songs on and singing with his guitar (His favorites are singing “blue swade shoes” with Elmo and a song that The Wiggles sing.)

  • climbing

Daniel can count (sometimes to ten) and he’s a great helper with Ben. He loves his little brother. When Ben’s crying, he says a prayer to Jesus to “please help Ben’s tummy feel better”. He talks to him, hugs and kisses him, plays music for him, and just dotes on him. Ben could not get any more stimuli than he does from his big brother!

He likes to eat goldfish crackers, pizza, pumpkin muffins from Paneras and pancakes by mommy.

He knows that Jesus takes care of us (and heals his “owies”) and that God gives us everything that we need. He also has fun at “daddy’s church”. — Since he has been going there since birth, he is very well behaved there now. — That’s the key; getting them used to it early! 🙂

Blessings to all,
Scott & Jen

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