News – Not All Good

Well, there’s a lot of news, and that’s not necessarily good.

Jennifer, Daniel, and I are well and feeling good, but Benjamin is a different story. This last Monday the little guy had his 1st birthday (yea!). On Tuesday, he had his one year doctor’s checkup. He did fine, except that he had been fighting croup. However, that night, he was doing a lot worse. He could only sleep for about 10 minutes at a time and his breathing was very difficult. His breathing was difficult, his heart was racing, he had a fever, and his breathing had a “gurgling” sound to it. — Not good.

Yesterday Jennifer took Ben back to the doctor who admitted him to the hospital. He is in an oxygen tent and has an IV with fluids and antibiotics. An X-Ray showed that he does have pneumonia as we feared. (Which he probably picked up from dad who had it again the week before.)

He is getting better, but it will take a little time. We hope he will come home either tomorrow or, at the latest, Saturday.

We are blessed, however, that Scott’s parents drove in yesterday afternoon for a visit for almost a week, so we have extra help as well as good visitors. – Praise God!

We’ll keep ya posted.


  • That Benjamin gets and stays well.
  • That the rest of us continue to have the strength (and sleep) needed.
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