Month: March 2002

  • Ben Continues to do Well – Except Sleeping at Night!

    Ben continues to do well – except sleeping at night. AUGH!! One of the medications he is on makes him restless at night. So we’ll just have to wait this out. Ben had two doctor appointments yesterday. The first was his annual cardiologist appointment. If you recall, when Ben was born he had a small […]

  • Ben is Doing Great!

    Ben is doing great! He has oral medication he takes every 8 hours and uses a nebulizer for breathing treatments 4 times a day (every six hours). His coughing still sounds atrocious, but that is supposed to clear up this week. He’s eating well, playing well, and smiling, so we’re happy. Thank you for your […]

  • He’s Home & Happy!

    He’s home and happy! – We’re getting his medications. We have to administer his medicated breathing treatment every 4-6 hours (even through the night) and the rest of his meds. are oral. He will go back to the doctor for a checkup on Monday to see how things are. Peace!

  • He’s Coming Home!

    Just got the call: HE’S COMING HOME!!! – PRAISE GOD!!!

  • Ben is Off of the Oxygen Tent & the IV

    God is good! – Ben is off of the oxygen tent and the IV (though he still has the IV lock, just in case he needs to go back to it). They have been observing him today to see how this goes. We are still waiting to hear, though, whether or not he will get […]