Ben is Off of the Oxygen Tent & the IV

God is good! – Ben is off of the oxygen tent and the IV (though he still has the IV lock, just in case he needs to go back to it).

They have been observing him today to see how this goes. We are still waiting to hear, though, whether or not he will get to come home tonight or we will have to wait until tomorrow. – We had hoped to hear by now, but we will just wait and see. Even when he does come home, we have some medications he will need to take orally as well as a machine that we will put medicine in and give periodic “breathing treatments”. It is a simple thing and won’t take much to do and it will help Ben, so it is a good thing.

A couple of other “wrenches” in things:

  1. This morning, mom had a fever. She has been running it all day today, so she isn’t able to see Ben as we don’t want him exposed.
  2. The hospital administration office called us and said our insurance had expired! — It hadn’t, but there has been an huge blunder by our Health Plan Provider (not Trinity) in the transfer from Orlando. This will take some time to sort out. If other businesses were run like this…!

Keep checking here for updates.


  • That Benjamin gets to come home as soon and as safely as possible.
  • That mom gets well.
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