Ben Continues to do Well – Except Sleeping at Night!

Ben continues to do well – except sleeping at night. AUGH!! One of the medications he is on makes him restless at night. So we’ll just have to wait this out.

Ben had two doctor appointments yesterday. The first was his annual cardiologist appointment. If you recall, when Ben was born he had a small “hole” in his heart. It is common and the doctors were not that concerned, saying that many times, these holes heal/close by themselves over time.

The hole is still there, (even though there is no blood going through it) but the cardiologist is not concerned. The hole may still close up by itself over the coming years. Worst case scenario would be if the hole is still there when Ben is about 5 or so, they would go up through an artery in his groin and fix it and he would be home that same day. So, not a big deal.

Ben also saw his pediatrician who wanted to check up on him since he has been home. He thought things are going well too. We will have to keep up the nebulizer treatments until his “cough” goes away, though, and we are not sure how long that will be.

All-in-all, though, he is a little lethargic from all the medications, but happy and doing well.

Praise God!

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