Holy Week

I hope all of you are planning to attend all the Holy Week services where you are.

Maundy Thursday, the day our Lord washed the disciples feet, had His last supper with them at the Passover Celebration, instituted the Lord’s Supper of Holy Communion, and went out to the Mount of Olives to pray before being betrayed and handed over to be crucified.

Good Friday, when our Lord is wrongfully condemed and dies a horrific but willing death on the cross to save all believers from their sins.

Easter Sunday, when our Lord rises from the dead, forever conquering sin, death, and the devil and opening the gates of heaven to all believers.

These next few days are days where I really meditate on my sins, God’s sacrifice, and His triumph. I hope you will too.

From “Crucify Him!” to “He is Risen!” What a wonderous time.

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