Medicine, Medicine, Everywhere…

Are you concerned about antibiotic resistences? Me too, but that doesn’t mean we doesn’t use them.

In fact, Ben has been on so many so often I wonder if he will respond to any past the age of seven.

Right now he is on a strong antibiotic, a strong cough syrup (with codine) for bedtime, drops for his ear, and motrin. — And we just stopped using his inhaler when we got the antibiotic.

Of course we don’t just give this to him. He has been sick for awhile now with a bad ear infection and a very bad rasping cough accompanied by an on and off fever.

Daniel is on an antibiotic right now too. (We’re trying to keep those poor pharasudical companies in business.) He came down with a bad ear ache too.

Well, at least Jen and I are healthy. That the Lord for that!

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