Month: April 2005

  • Thing-A-Thon

    Yesterday Daniel’s School had a field and fun day called the “Thing-A-Thon.” Jen was a little under the weather so I took Daniel and Ben. Ben was a bit bored as there wasn’t much for him to do (or rather, that Daniel would let him do that take me and Ben away from him!). It […]

  • Daniel Loses Second Front Tooth

    The second one finally came out on Thursday. Daniel Loses Second Front Tooth

  • Nina & TT

    Daniel has been having a blast with his Nina & TT (‘T’ for short) in town. (That’s Jen’s mom and sister.) Part of me feels bad for ‘T’ because Daniel monopolizes her time, but then I remember how he does that to us and figure it’s her time for that. — Just kiddin’ T! 🙂 […]

  • Friends, the Watts, Over for Dinner

    Our friends, Thomas & Candy Watts and their little girl Caty came over for a wonderful evening this evening. The boys and Caty played well and long, leaving us to a nice dinner where we could talk. It was a wonderful evening that we thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Thomas, Candy, & Caty! Thomas & Candy Watts […]

  • Tonsils May Be a No-Go

    Last night around 8:30 p.m. Ben’s ENT called us to answer some of our questions. (Are Jen and I the only ones really impressed that a doctor was personally doing this? – And on Friday evening?!) One of the questions we were wondering about was if having his tonsils reduced would be a problem because […]

  • Ben’s Proceedures Scheduled

    Ben’s ENT has (finally) scheduled his proceedures. On Wednesday, May 4, he will have one pre-op. at the doctor’s office (10:00 a.m.) and one at the hospital (1:00 p.m.) and then on Thursday, May 5, he will have the proceedures done at the hospital. I asked how the CT scan looked. The nurse calling said […]

  • Jen Guest Lectures

    Yesterday Jen spoke to some social work student as a guest lecturer at the university, as has been her priveledge about every sememster for the last several years. This year she spoke to two classes, both undergraduate this time. She alsways does such a great job and comes back so pumped and excited. It is […]

  • Bethesda & Pysanky Eggs

    We celebrated the ministries of Bethesda last Sunday. It was a wonderful event! As last year there were several fund raising items to support Bethesda’s ministries but one this year got a great deal of attention. Shannon Veeder, one of our members, hand paints Psysanky Eggs. This is an artform that dates back in the […]

  • Auto Show – Part 3

    Things are pretty hi-tech now at the show. At several of the pavilions attendants were around to answer questions (and get your information to send you things). This one, at the Jeep pavilion took your picture and gave you a card. Today I could log on and get the picture they took. Kinda cool, even […]

  • Auto Show – Part 2

    Really, today was very good, except for the large, unexpected IRS payment. – And on top of the 2004 payment, we also had the first quarter payment for 2005 due too. Ouch and double! But as to the day itself, it was good. Jen helped out in Daniel’s class (as she does many Fridays) and […]

  • Daniel Loses a Front Tooth

    Ok, so this is a bit funny…Daniel was playing today with his friend from across the street. Somehow Daniel’s tooth met with his head. Both were fine but the impact (finally) dislodged Daniel’s loose front tooth. Before he went to bed tonight I snapped this. Daniel Loses a Front Tooth

  • Made it Through the Day

    Sometimes you’re just happy that the day is (almost) over and you made it to the end. It wasn’t a bad day, really. Actually, all told, it was ok. It was just one of those days where I just felt like I kept spinning my wheels and got nothing accomplished. I did get most of […]

  • CT Scan Went Fine

    Ben had his CT scan this morning. He had to have an IV put in again so they could put some dye in him and, of course, he had to be still through the proceedure (yeah, right!), but he did great. He keeps looking at the bandaid where the IV was and wants it off; […]

  • Scratch That

    Ok, so it’s a good thing Jen is a little neurotic (in a good way, of course!). She called the hospital to make sure we had done what we needed for the surgery tomorrow. They didn’t have Ben scheduled for surgery. Jen called the doctor’s office back. There was a new nurse doing scheduling and […]

  • Adenoids, Tonsils, & Tubes

    Ben was at the ENT today as a follow-up to see if his adenoids would be removed, his tonsils reduced, and a tubes put back in his ears (3rd time, but probably right ear only). He is scheduled for this early tomorrow morning here in Athens! – Didn’t expect things that quickly. It is out-patient […]