Auto Show – Part 2

Really, today was very good, except for the large, unexpected IRS payment. – And on top of the 2004 payment, we also had the first quarter payment for 2005 due too. Ouch and double!

But as to the day itself, it was good. Jen helped out in Daniel’s class (as she does many Fridays) and Daniel had a short day (as they were just finishing testing). When they got home, Daniel and I took off for the Auto Show in Atlanta. – This is our fourth time to the auto show while we’ve lived here.

Daniel and I had a great time! We got around everywhere and enjoyed a lot of different vehicles. (As the boys get older I fear that a minivan is in our future.) He and I had just a wonderful time together, both at the show and in the car on the long ride back and forth.

It’s so good to have that special time together when we can. Without knowing (or perhaps just not vocalizing) it, Daniel sacrifices a lot as so much attention is often focused on Ben. It’s important to let him know – in deed as well as word – that he and his time is valued too.

Anyway, despite the financial stresses, it was a great, great day! Thank you, Lord!

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