Ben’s Procedures Tomorrow

Well, Ben’s pre-ops (2 of them) today went well. Jen says Daniel was a big help by being quiet so she could talk to the doctor and nurses.

Tomorrow morning Ben and I will check in at the out-patient center at 6:45am. Jen will stay home with Daniel getting him ready for school and dropping him off there. The procedures are scheduled for 8:00am – right about the time Jen will drop Daniel off at school. Once she drops him off she will join us. Daniel’s school is about one mile away from where we will be, so it won’t take long to get there.

The procedures themselves shouldn’t take long at all. Once he comes back in the room for recovery, they will want to make sure he’s eating fine and keeping things down Ok. When they are satisfied with that we should be able to go home.

I’m guessing we’ll be done around 11am with noon being a far outside possibility.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to update via an audio entry by my phone. I’ll update with text later in the day.

Thanks for keeping the prayers going. They work and are appreciated!

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