Month: August 2005

  • Daniel’s First Day of School

    August 8, 2005: Daniel’s first day of 1st Grade. Here he is in his uniform: Close up Full view

  • Schepmanns & Biars

    In mid-July, we got to go down to Peechtree City to see some wonderful friends — the Schepmanns and Biars. (The Biars were in from Texas.) Here are some pictures of them: Karisa, me, Kris, & Jen Dan and little Caroline Henry (AKA, “Jr.”) Kayla with her great smile Keenan (L) and Thomas (R)

  • Daniel & Friend, Jack

    Not long after we moved to Athens some friends of some friends moved here too. They were the Pattons. They had two boys, Jack and Ben and they boys enjoyed playing together. Alas, the Pattons have since moved. Before they left, Daniel and Jack got to say goodbye. Daniel & Jack

  • More Friends – Yea!

    When we got back to Athens we had some dear Orlando friends stop by. Jenn, Bob, and Lina (short for Angelina). Yea!! Bob and Lina playing in the driveway. Bob & Lina right before they leave. 🙁 Jenn and Lina before they leave. Again, 🙁

  • Disney, Baby!

    Of course, we had to hit Disney again! (Thanks, Tony!) Legos at the Lego store in Downtown Disney. {drool} The family at the Living Seas pavillion at Epcot. Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo having a little “bite.”

  • Orlando Friends

    This summer we also got to got back to Orlando to see some dear friends. We stayed at our summer home (The Ramiz Home) and had a ball! We got to visit with the Schumachers, Mary Beth Brink, and many others. THANKS FOR THE WONDERFUL TIME! Laura all sassy! Martin eating (again!) with Amanda’s boyfriend […]