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This Blog is operated by:

St. Mark Lutheran Church & School
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It is our hope that this site will be to the glory of God and to the blessing of others!

To submit a post for review, email it to BLOGSUBMISSION -at- STMARKHOUSTON.ORG (replace the ” -at- ” with the “@” symbol and remove spaces for the proper email address). The “subject” line in your email should be the Title of what you want your post to be. (See further below for details on submitting posts.)

You may also desire to have posts to this blog automatically emailed to you. (You may, for example, not wish to have to visit the site periodically, yet still be informed about what’s going on.)

You may automatically subscribe to this blog by sending an email to “LISTSRV -at- LIST.STMARKHOUSTON.ORG” (again, replace the ” -at ” with the “@” symbol and remove spaces for the proper email address.) with the words “subscribe blogsend” in the body of the message. (The “subject” line does not matter.) To unsubscribe, simply substitute the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” for “SUBSCRIBE” in the procedure above.


With regards to post submissions, please be aware that all submissions must be approved by a staff moderator before they will be posted. Due to other job functions by all staff moderators, reviews and postings may take several days before (and if) they appear. Some items submitted may not fit into the goal of the blog or for St. Mark’s ministry, therefore, not all posts will be approved for posting. St. Mark alone will determine which submissions are appropriate for sharing in this manner. It may also be the case where, upon further consideration, a submission was posted but is later removed. In addition, some posts are so good as to be shared in other ways and in other venues. (For example, an item on “Prayer” may reappear [properly cited] in a newsletter article.) Unless otherwise specified by the author, these other vehicles of communication are assumed to be acceptable. We will, of course, endeavor to clarify these other avenues with the author prior to other use. The author of any post may, at any time, request removal of their post and St. Mark will strive to respond as soon as possible.

SOLI DEO GLORIA!! (“To God Alone Be The Glory!”)

In Christ’s service and yours,
The Rev. Scott E. Heitshusen

For God’s glory, Christ Jesus’ praise, and your edification.
St. Mark Lutheran Church & School, Houston, TX

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