The 2819 Club

We are excited to share with you information on the “2819 Club.” (So called because it references Matthew 28:19.)

St. Mark’s congregational outreach prayer remains:

“Lord God, give us direction in how we may service our community, proclaiming Christ as Lord of all.”

The St. Mark community may join the 28:19 Club in praying:

“Lord, what do you want your people at St. Mark to do to touch people with the love of Jesus Christ? We know that the Lord will show us the center of his will if we pray and listen for his plan for us.”

The following website,, provides information about this and other St. Mark efforts and events. (Select the “2819_Club” label along the left-hand side of the blog.)

In addition, you may submit items from your prayer and meditation with the Lord on that blog for others so that they, too, may be edified by what the Lord is saying to you. (Go to that same website,, and select the “Help” label on the left for instructions.)

Every Sunday between Bible study and second service at least 28 people will be gathering together for 19 minutes to seek the Lord’s guidance and direction answering the question:

What do you want your people at St. Mark to do to touch people with the love of Jesus Christ?

Please join the 28:19 Club for time of prayer and listening from 10:50–11:09 each Sunday in the Music Room upstairs (Room 220) starting May 4th. Our time together will be facilitated by either Fred Tonn, Frank Radtke, or Ed Hardin.

And if you cannot join the 28:19 Club each week, please pray individually or with friends that the Lord will guide you and our congregation towards a service that proclaims “Jesus Christ is Lord of all!”

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  1. How awesome it is to be in God's house with other Christians praying for His will and purpose for our congregation. I thank God that we have such faithful members willing to commit each Sunday and particularly Fred, Frank and Curtis who've been part of this ministry since day one. I pray that God would continue to bless them, our congregation and the many others willing to step outside their comfort zone to pray for what God wants St. Mark to do and become. Amen!

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