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Greetings Pastor Scott,

Here are several thoughts that I have had in response in praying, “Lord what do you want your people at St Mark to do at this time and in this place to touch people with the love of Jesus Christ?” Here are several things that I feel that the Lord is saying to me as I have been praying and listening…

  1. Be in the Word…pray the Word of God…Call upon the Lord by praying the Word…seek the Lord by reading the verses that tell me to seek the Lord…ask the Lord to give me that Hunger and thirst for the sweetness of His Word…Meditate on those verses…then ask the Lord to tell me what He wants me to hear…really get quiet and listen…
  2. I felt the Lord leading me to ask Barry [Leitko] to come to our Friday, 6:00 a.m. prayer time at the altar and to inform other men about this so that they have a chance to join us in a great time of prayer.
  3. I felt the Lord leading me to attend the presentation on “Men at the Cross”…to share it with Pastor Scott and Pastor Schultz…with the elders…with or Wednesday morning Bible Study…and with personal friends. I feel that the Lord is calling me to go to the August 22-23 Men at the Cross week end at the Toyota Center…to become a mentor of a man for the next 6 months…to encourage men to go with me in to the August week end…to ask the Lord to show me who He wants me to mentor for 6 months…to pray that the Lord touches hearts of men that I have talked to with a desire to go to the August week end and to feel a call from the Lord to mentor another man. This all happened just at the time we decided to focus on prayer and start the 2819 team.

Blessings and Joy
Fred Tonn

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