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In response to the planting of a new church, I am very supportive of this mission.

  1. My first suggestion for consideration would be a strip center located in the area of Beltway 8 and Highway 249.
    If you look behind the race track you will see a large area which is growing rapidly. Half way between Beltway 8 and I-45 on 249 there are several strip centers which may be available. I feel Christ Memorial, St. Mark and St. Timothy could really work well together as Pastor Henize grew up at St. Mark and I believe you and the associate pastor are friends.
  2. My second suggestion is near your home in the Little York & Eldridge area.
    You know this area as well as anyone. As Pastor Simon also lives in the area, this would be ideal but consideration must be given as to how would Epiphany look at this? Would Epiphany join Christ Memorial and St. Mark in this mission?
  3. Beltway 8 and Little York/Tanner area could also be considered.

My prayer is we commit to church planting this year! This is another subject that would benefit from a leadership retreat!

It is very hard to change the mind-set up of an established church, but with a new church, you will not hear, “that is not they way we do it.”

Willis Schrampfer

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