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  1. In your prayer time with the Lord, when you have asked the LORD, “LORD, what do You want Your people at St. Mark to do to touch people with the love of Christ?” what do you feel is the Holy Spirit’s movement as an answer in your heart? (Be as general or as detailed as you feel led by the LORD. If you need more space, please attach extra paper to this sheet.)
  2. A soccer team. Perhaps a prayer station or stations

  3. Beyond that question, are there other items or areas the Lord is placing on your heart with regard to God’s ministry here at St. Mark?
  4. Dance ministry. Square dancing (at least occasionally).

  5. May we share your response with others (via newsletters, the St. Mark blog, etc.)?
  6. Yes!

  7. May we share your name? (If “yes,” please do not forget to write your name below.)
  8. Yes!

Curtis Heusman

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