Our Nigerian Missionaries at St. Mark Last Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday the Lord blessed us with last Sunday, June 29!

Not only did we get to praise Him for this blessed country and the freedoms we have here; we got to hear how our True Freedoms are found in Jesus Christ for us and our country and the whole world.

We were also privileged to have the Rasch family with us. The Rasches (Ivan, Jennifer, Heather, and Timothy) are missionaries who work in Jos, Nigeria. I was very proud of how St. Mark welcomed and responded to them. Thank you!Many have wondered how they may stay in contact with the Rasches. Below is an email I received from them which give a lot of information on how to contact and support them.

In Service to God and Others with you,
Pastor Heitshusen

Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for welcoming us to your congregation last Sunday. What a warm welcome we received! We are only sorry that we were not able to have more time with you.

A number of people voiced an desire to donate used computers or band instruments. The best way to take care of that is for them to ship them to my mother’s address in Denton. Then we will pack them to take them with us to Nigeria on the 26th of July.

Our contact information here in Denton is:

Ivan and Jennifer Rasch
1908 W. Hickory St.
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 566-3848

For anyone in your congregation who asks for contact information for us in Nigeria, here are a few options:

TheRasches@Hotmail.com -or- Ivan.Rasch@LCMS.org

+234 803 288 9202

Ivan and Jennifer Rasch
Lutheran Church of Nigeria
P.O. Box 495

People can find out more information about us and our ministry on LCMS’s website:

Information on Nigeria from LCMS World Mission:


Information on the Rasch Family and their work in Nigeria:


“Pray for Us” inserts for the Rasch Family:


The Africa Computer Projects that I am involved in is not a budgeted project. It is approved by LCMS World Mission, but because it is “above budget”, it is not listed with the rest of the projects for Nigeria. If people have more questions about this project, they can e-mail me any questions – I will answer them as well as I possibly can. If they would like to hear about it from someone other than me, I can help them get in touch with my Area Facilitator (English-speaking West Africa) or my Regional Director (all of Africa).

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