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The following is from an email I received from Mark Junkans, Director of LINCHouston.

I am posting/passing it on in hopes that some may be able to serve and help.

God bless,
Pastor Heitshusen

News from
LINC Houston


Here is some information for upcoming projects that LINC is planning, also volunteer and donation opprotunities for anyone willing to give their time and financial support to local missions in the Houston area.


House Church

About 2 months into the launch of 4 new house churches, we are already seeing the fruit of this work. Several new families have joined these groups led by trained leaders. Already we have seen six individuals come to a new found faith in Jesus Christ. One individual who was most resistant, has been a Mason for the past several years.

During the house meetings, he continued to argue that God has many names and that he did not need Jesus to have peace in his heart. A few weeks later, he attended Sunday service at Centro Familiar Cristiano led by Pastor Lincon Guerra. After a sermon that clearly spoke the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he was seen praying, clearly broken by what he had heard. When he stopped, his whole demeanor had changed and he began to hug his wife and children. Pastor Lincon is overjoyed to see new families come faith through the ministry of the church in the homes of its members. We praise God for his power at work in the lives of our leaders.


Spring Branch Mission Center:

  • Volunteers for ESL program – We need individuals that can help our students practice the English they have learned in the lessons. Classes are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in the early evening at 8149 Long Point. Volunteers only need to pick one night a week that they are available.
  • Computer Setup – We need individuals to help setup our computers. Includes setting up drivers and operating system, plugging in monitors, keyboards and mice.

Comunidad de Gracia:

  • 2 window unit air conditioners that run on 220 volt.
  • Volunteers to help pick up food from the Houston Food Bank Thursday or Friday mornings.
  • Repair of a freezer.
  • A/C repair for fellowship hall.

School Supplies Needed:

  • LINC is in need of school supplies to give away to children in need. Through several of our ministries, we help provide needed supplies for families who don’t have the financial means to purchase them. If you or your group is able, please contact the LINC office for more information.

Car Donations:

  • Several of LNC’s missionaries and church members are in need of good running vehicles. If you are considering donating your car, consider LINC Houston’s mission field as a worthy recipient.


Mission Shift Video Series

The School of Urban Ministry has put together a 6 week video series to be used in adult education classes called Mission Shift. MissionShift is meant to open peoples eyes to what God is doing in our world and spark a desire to reach out to our new international immigrants. The specific numbers/data used in the videos is somewhat focused on Minnesota, but the overall material has application to communities all over the world.

Here’s a link where you can see a short clip of the videos and learn more…

Mark Junkans

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