Easter Crosses

Perhaps you’ve seen them around on lawns; simple, white crosses.

This year, as last year, many people took advantage of these crosses, making them simple witnesses to neighbors and passers-by of their faith and the One in whom they have faith.

The crosses are designed to be blank for Palm Sunday (that’s this Sunday!) and through Holy Week and, on Easter, to be turned around. On the other side of the crosses, the message “HE IS RISEN!” is printed.

What a great, easy, witness to the saving resurrection of the Lord Jesus!

These crosses are available for under $7/each at the St. Mark store (next to the patio with the door to the south of the Welcome Center receptionist desk).

Pick one up today — for you and a family member or friend — and display it proudly, showing others that you “are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” (Romans 1:16)

You can read more about the “Easter Cross” at eastercross.org. or see a piece that CBS did on it below.

Easter Cross Witness from Austin Fogerty on Vimeo.
A CBS report on the Easter Cross Witness

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