[Saturday, April 10th 8am-3pm]
RACEaTHON is our next National Youth Gathering Fundraiser! Our expectation is that this be one of our BIGGEST Fundraisers!

We have the track at Houston Christian reserved on April 10th! The plan is for each participant &/or parents to fill up their pledge sheets. They will be asking friends, family, neighbors, teachers, schoolmates, & members of Saint Mark to pledge a donation for the amount of laps they will walk or run on April 10th from 8:00am–3:00pm. You can do this by pledging a Dollar Amount per lap or mile [4 laps = 1 mile]. If a participant were to run/walk 5 miles & get 20 people to pledge at least $1 per lap, they would make a cool $400! If everyone going to NYG did the same, we would make $12,400!

Thanks for your support!

For God’s glory, Christ Jesus’ praise, and your edification.
St. Mark Lutheran Church & School, Houston, TX

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