There Are Days

There are days.

Days which you wish would not come, but you have seen approaching. Days you have attempted to detour, with no success. Days which cause sleepless nights before they fall, knowing an inevitable storm will follow. Storms which are necessary, but storms nonetheless.

There are days.

Days where you question God’s judgment to put you in leadership because you question yourself as a leader. Days where the decisions you make will be judged by those ignorant of all the information and the motives of which are misinterpreted as malice. Days where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, yet necessary for long-term organizational health and vitality.

There are days.

Days where relationships will be changed and strained. Days where “doing the right thing” will not be believed and is of little consolation anyway. Days where your heart sinks and there are precious few – if any – you can share it with. Days where friends and workers will need comfort, and you cannot give it because you have had to inflict it.

There are days.

And today looks to be one of those days.

“Guidance. Strength. Words. Peace, Lord. Amen.”

Even so: “This is Your day, Lord. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

This day.

Your day.



One response to “There Are Days”

  1. God was exceedingly good that day. There was no major fallout and, as if to remind me of His bigness over my issues, He brought in several other very weighty issues that same day, and they went pretty well, too! There are still difficulties and struggles, but He is, indeed, more wise and powerful than I can fathom! "Thank You, Lord!"

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