Caution: God at Work!

These last two days have been long, tiring, and worth every minute!

As power and connectivity issues continue to limit what we can post for now, I’ll share just a short summary:

  • Tuesday afternoon and early evening we had our on-site training. While we were training, we got word of a gentlemen who had to leave that evening (because of a death in the family, if I recall correctly) and we agreed we’d see him and use that as a chance to put our training to the test. We noticed when we finished the training, more than the one person was waiting. All said, we saw 20 people on our first evening in Mwanza before the actual start of the clinic!
  • Wednesday we helped 111 people from around 9:00am until a little after 2:00pm, when we had lunch. (Great food, by the way, which is provided for us!)
  • Wednesday, late afternoon we were driven to a new church building in a neighboring town. The “evangelist” (different from the pastor) met us there. We were too late to make “cold call” visits to many people, but he took ALL of us to two of his neighbors. We shared the Gospel there and 5-6 people in that household were baptized! We went to a second home and 1-2 more were! [It’s late and my memory may not completely align with the factual numbers.] That was fantastic!!
  • Today (Thursday) followed the same schedule for the most part. We served 117 people at the clinic and, after a 2:00pm lunch, went back to a village. We broke into three groups and hit 2-3 homes with each group. One group went to homes where there were already baptized members. A second group had a baptism in each of the two locations. The third group went to three homes and came back with 9 baptisms!!! GOD IS AWESOME! [The details of some of these – especially the 9 – is incredible!]

Tomorrow we will serve at the clinic [some great stories there, too!] The same as the last two days but in the afternoon they will take us around Mwanza for a tour. We are all looking forward to that!

The people here have been so kind and are genuinely fun to be around!

We praise the Lord for His hand in us being here.

Please keep the prayers coming!

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5 responses to “Caution: God at Work!”

  1. So wonderful that you can help so many each day! We hope the remaining days bring more inspirational stories as well as continued energy for you all so you can help as many as possible! -Val Garry Cass and AJ

  2. Our prayers continue to be with you. Keep sharing God's Word and doing His work. Wow! So exciting to see God at work through you both.

  3. So glad to hear about people receiving God's word! So awesome to hear about the baptisms! May God continue to bless you all and the people of Mwanza and thank you for the updates!

  4. Enjoy the trip & the time with fellow teammates! May God bless your journey & inspire the people & churches you visit!

  5. Having my eyeglasses crushed in the car accident, I'm even more aware of how important it is that you are all there helping the Tanzanian people see. We take our eyesight so for granted. And praise God for the baptisms and being able to share His Word with so many. Miss you. All is well here! Mom

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