“I Rejoiced With Those Who Said, ‘Let Us Go to the House of the LORD!’” ~Psalm 122:1

We are blessed to go the the Lord’s House this morning and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Well, “house” may not be entirely accurate.

We will be traveling about 2 hours (each way) to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ as the Lord’s tree. More precisely (if memory serves), it is “the church under the tree.” This group of Christian men and women have been worshiping the Lord under a large tree in the village until they can build a more permanent structure.

We have been asked to be prepared to introduce ourselves and for the pastors to “bring words of encouragement” to the people. [Short sermonettes, we suspect, of about 5 minutes.] We have also practiced a few songs should we be asked to sing.

May the Lord bless your day in His “house,” wherever it may be, today! Rejoice in it as you praise Him!