Amazing! Simply Amazing!

Due to several factors I haven’t been able to update for a few days and that we are getting ready to leave for safari within the hour, this will be short.

One of the most amazing and greatest days I have had — ever!

We traveled two hours (one way) to the “church under the tree.” There was a visiting choir/dance group from Mwanza, a wedding party there to have their (previous) wedding blessed at the church, we got to introduce ourselves and “give words of encouragement), the previous assistant to the bishop preached, he called for those wishing to be baptized and at least 24 came forward, which they asked us to do (Yes!), and after the 3 hour service (and we could have stayed for more!), we went to the home (very “humble” and similar to others in the area) of the bride and groom in the village and were seated in a place of honor. Then, when we got back, all of us went to a nice restaurant as a group. Simply amazing!!

We were going to see just the last 50 people who were registered for the eye clinic. (We knew there would be more than that!) That morning we were told they allowed another 10 to register, for a total of 60 for the day. (Matt and I guessed we would see 75-80.) We ended up seeing more people that day than any other!! We saw 129 people! That brought our total to 600 people served and 801 glasses given! – A bit more than the 400 expected!

Simply amazing!!

It is very unlikely that there will be Internet access or power for us to be able to contact others or to update on here further. If I can send an update, I will, but please don’t expect it.

Blessing to all of you! Keep the prayers coming!!

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