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ASKING FOR SOME PRAYERS FOR BEN Today was his first day (half-day) of school. YEA! He was happy to be back and has some new classmates in with him. Jen picked him up and then some lunch and brought it over to Daniel and me at St. Mark. Just after he started eating, Ben “swallowed wrong” and had some coughing to clear it up. After a little bit, he kept coughing, but with some strange internal noises. Then he started making sounds for throwing-up [which is VERY rare for Ben.] He coughed/threw-up a lot of phlemmy mucus several times. Once stopped, we were able to breath for awhile and all seemed ok, and then it would start again. My fabulous sister-in-law and nurse, Heather Stein, was able to come over to the church and listened to his lungs. They didn’t sound quite right to her, either. Jen made an appointment to see Ben’s pediatrician. Before heading over there she took Ben to the bathroom where he coughed up some pretty sizable chicken nuggets!!! Ben was feeling better nearly immediately! Even so, Jen decided to keep the appointment and go by. The doctor said he sounded clear, but to watch out for some things and, if they showed up, to take him to the ER. Jen called me about 20 minutes ago to say things still aren’t right and she is taking him in. Daniel and I will leave St. Mark to meet them soon. We are not concerned. We certainly are no stranger to the hospital – and neither is Ben [though it has been a pretty long time since he was in one, praise the Lord!]. Nevertheless, we do ask for prayers. Many thanks and we’ll keep y’all posted. via Facebook

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