On February 18, 1989, three great friends and I “crashed” a high school formal dance.
My friend Kevin was flying home from college to surprise his parents. That weekend when he was going to be in town, his younger sister, Dena, was going to this “senior girls dance” and his mom, Silvia, was going to be checking people in. 
So I came home from A&M and we decided to get together with a couple of our awesome female friends, Betsy and Jennifer, and “crash” this formal, knowing that we would be able to get in.
We got dressed up and went to eat a Moroccan restaurant (if memory serves) and then to the dance. (Here is one of the pictures from that evening.)
Before that night, Jennifer and I were very good friend. After that dance, we became best friends and began dating.
Twenty-five years later and she is still my best friend, the love of my life, and the most amazing woman I know.
Happy anniversary, hon! I love you so very much.
Always yours, my beautiful Bride,
Your adoring hubby.
Kevin Fritzhand, Betsy (Hawkins) Dodson,
Jennifer (Stein) Heitshusen, & Scott Heitshusen
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