Fifteen years ago today the Lord brought an amazing son to Jennifer and me and changed our lives for the better.

Daniel was induced six days early on Orlando, Florida. I had told the office that I was taking a personal day that day as we only told a few family members our plan.

Before telling his name, there were so many people asking that Jen and I thought we’d mess with their minds. We told people we were going to name him “Zephaniah Xerxes Heitshusen.” It was fun seeing people’s faces and then whispering to each other, “they’re not really going to name him that, are they?”

Daniel is an amazing Christian young man who is in love with the Lord and learning about Him and has an enormous heart for people.

He amazes Jennifer and I every day and we are so extremely proud of him!

I love you dearly, son! Have a great day!

In Unfathomable Joy and Love,

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