Daniel W. Heitshusen – Sharing about 2014 MYR

I have always been so proud of Daniel. He is a strong Christian young man after God’s own heart. What more could I ever ask for?
Daniel has wanted to address the congregation on several occasions [how many teenagers do you know who want to do that?!], the most recent in sharing what he learned while attending the “Missional Youth Retreat” [MYR-2014] at Concordia University-Texas.
This last Sunday, August 3, 2014, he did so at both worship services. The video below is from the second service.

Daniel Heitshusen – 2014 MYR from StMarkHouston on Vimeo.

Jen’s and my buttons were (and still are!) bursting!
Well done, son! We are so proud of you!
Overflowing love always,
Mom & Dad
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