At a talent show competition from Channel 13.

This was right in front of the Sears at Memorial City Mall. Mary Lynn and I didn’t win, but we did get a prize. I got a Marvin Zindler watch [which later fell off into the water around Lake Conroe].

We were singing, “You’re Just in Love (I Wonder Why)” by Irving Berlin. As you can see here, Mary Lynn was the love-struck patient and I was playing the part of the doctor, diagnosing her “condition.”
Fun times!

Author: Scott Heitshusen

Lutheran (LC-MS) pastor in Sealy, Texas. Amazing wife, Jennifer, since 1991. Two sons, Daniel (b.1999) and Ben (b.2001). Ben has Down syndrome. Wonderful daughter-in-law, Rachel, since 2020. Jesus. Family. Others. Passionate about abolishing sex trafficking.

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