This Sunday is Reformation Sunday; the last Sunday in October commemorating October 31, 1517, when Dr. Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses for debating on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.
Yet, even now, some stored have Christmas decorations out. That seems to be happening earlier and earlier every year.

Yet, the two are linked.

Dr. Luther desired to see a church reformed – changed for the better by removing errors, abuses, and misunderstandings. He wanted to correct faults that had made their way into the life, teaching, and even doctrine of the church. He wanted to see things restored to what God shared in His holy, inerrant Word.

Advent and Christmas strongly touch upon this as well. God created all things good, yet through the Fall in Genesis, errors, abused, misunderstandings, and faults not only found their way into the life and faith of people and, indeed, all of creation. Our loving and gracious Lord couldn’t stand for that corruption to continue. He loved His people far too much for that.

So He sent His Son, Jesus, to reform. Reform His people through forgiveness and grace. Reform hatred into love. Reform death into life. Reform falsehoods into truth. Reform mourning into laughter. Re-form the form of creation itself. Reform everything!

This is why Advent and Christmas are so joyous, because when the Creator of all things becomes a part of that creation in the Flesh, it means a reforming of our very nature; our very core; our very relationship with god Himself. Through the coming of Jesus, God has reformed everything!
O come, O come, Immanuel! Reform us in every way. Reform all things in Your way.

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