Going Away Party – Ponca City, OK [Throwback Thursday]

In late 1981, my family moved from Ponca City, OK, to Houston, TX.

Before I left, several friends had a party for me. [I think it was either on land from the family of Marcie Batschelett (née Freeman) or Shawn Lessert (née Merrifield). [I’m pretty sure it was Shawn’s.]

Alas, it was some of the boys, only.

I believe that Landon (second from the back) had a pretty new, cool, watch then, too. If memory serves, it was a Casio C-80 (or very similar to it). You could do calculations with it, but it also had at least one game you could play on it. Pretty extraordinary for that time!

I was also given a nice new Bible. KJV, red letter, with references, in genuine bonded leather.

I still have that Bible on my bookshelf in my office.

Awesome “gang” of friends!


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