This Sunday, January 11, is “The Baptism of our Lord” on the liturgical calendar.

I will have the honor and privilege to baptize a Chinese mother and father and their 6 month old son.

Baptisms are easily the favorite part of my profession! To be the instrument God uses to adopt someone into His family, bestow faith, forgive their sin, and unite them with Jesus – His suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension – is profound at every level!

I also reminds me of my own baptism (even though I was too young to remember it).

Here is a page in my Baptism Certificate.

I take this with me wherever I go. It is in my office, close at hand.

I know that, no matter how bad or challenging my day has been, I am still a baptized child of God! No matter what others may say or do, they cannot undo God’s promise and actions of adopting me and forgiving my sins. No matter how bad the news has been in a day, it cannot un-baptize me!

How’s that for a “Throwback Thursday”?!?! 🙂

This Sunday, don’t forget your baptism! Rather, find a way to be reminded of it each and every day; “drowning the old Adam and bringing forth the new man” realized in your own baptism!

Have a blessed baptized day!

In Joy for my Baptism!

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