Judging = Old Adam. Loving = New Man

In our baptism, our old, sinful self (our “Old Adam”) is drowned. We are then justified and forgiven (becoming a “New Man”). Each day we are called to relive our baptism by drowning the Old Adam and bringing forth the New Man.

So how do we tell which is live?


When we sin, we are living in the bondage of our Old Adam. When we don’t, we are living out the New Man Jesus has re-created us to be.

One of the ways this plays itself out is in the very nature of our instinct and prejudices.

Do we default to judging others; seeing first their sins or shortcomings, or do we instead default to loving them, despite their foibles?

The first default is that of the Old Adam. The second, of the New Man. Love and the New Man.

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