MLK – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – My Favorite

Many other speeches, papers, and parts of the amazing movement led by Dr. King garner more attention and love from most people.

For me, however, His “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is the one that hits the hardest.

In it he responds to some clergymen who were calling for “unity” and stating that this movement which Dr. King is leading is “unwise and untimely.”

Dr. King masterfully disputes and explains the folly in that. He also displays tremendous theology and gets into a great understanding of “just and unjust” laws.

If you are a member of the clergy, this should be required reading/listening for many reasons. It should also cause us to put our tail between our legs for speaking out in shallowness, ignorance, or worse.

Even for those who are not clergy, I highly recommend it.

Have a blessed day!

Transcript and Audio of Dr. King reading his letter can be found in numerous places, including:

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