State of Our Heart? Our Marriage Unions? Our Lives? …

I think that sometimes our relationship with the Lord is as rocky as that between Congress and the President – barely tolerable.

To deliver the State of the Union address, the Congress invites [by necessity as the President is not otherwise allowed there during his time in office] the President to come to the Capital building to deliver the speech. This speech will usually be hailed by some and shredded by others. The atmosphere is “respectful,” “tolerable,” – perhaps “forced cordial” is a way to put it.

Is this how we deal with God? Perhaps once a year (Christmas? Easter?) we “tolerate” the Lord in our heart for a short time. We’ll let Him speak to the State of our Hearts and relationships, but the whole time, we will be ready to share our rebuttal of all He says. We’ll explain how He was incorrect. We will justify our own behaviors, positions, and sins and tell ourselves and others that He didn’t have all the information.

The Lord is not someone who the Christian can “time-limit” and Who gets to share the space with anyone or anything else. If we believe in Jesus, then the Lord has to be welcome in our heart with His message all the time and in every facet and sphere of our lives. Our sins must no longer be tolerated and the only justification to be done must be that of Jesus on the cross to forgive those sins.

Jesus is to be our everything, all the time. Period.

“Invited” 1x/yr. to share uncomfortable/unwelcome words we will rebut. Is that how we treat our Lord? (Did u think I meant someone else?)
— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 21, 2015

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