Missions, Outreach, and Service Team

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, over 30 people from St. Mark, who want to make a difference in our community, came together for the initial kickoff of the outreach ministry as a part of the “Mission, Outreach, and Service Team” [i.e. “M.O.S.T.”] Ministry!

We spent the day going over what the goals of the ministry are and how each sub-team will play an integral part of this vital emphasis.

I have setup a temporary (simple) online “home” for the ministry [http://most.heitshusen.com] as the St. Mark website is undergoing a revamping. Once that is complete (still several months out), items will be moved to their new, permanent home.

At that page, several items are available:

  1. items from the ministry notebook (handed out at the meeting) for viewing and/or downloading
  2. a calendar of MOST meetings and events
  3. several files for team use, help, learning, and information
  4. pictures from the April 11, kickoff
  5. “sheets” filled out by each sub-team from the meeting.

Again, all these are available right now at: [http://most.heitshusen.com]

In the coming week, I will be contacting those on the meeting sub-teams who were unable to attend the April 11, kickoff, to go over items from the day and how everything is to go together.

I am very excited about working in this ministry with you! Thank you for your time and heart!

Pastor Scott