My Kid Should Be Up There, Too

Sunday, May 3, was a bittersweet day. 

We had a wonderful service where fourteen amazing young Christian men and women confirmed the faith of their baptism before the Church. Last week and yesterday these same individuals shared their faith statements – confessing their faith by sharing why they picked their confirmation verse and what it means for them. 

I love that!

The tough part is, sitting with Ben for the service and not having him be a part of the Rite.

Ben is the same age as those who were confirmed, and in a perfect world, he would be up there with them. 

Of course, it is not a perfect world.

And I don’t want to take away from the special festivities for those who deserve to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

I was just happy.

And sad.


And pained.

There have been many milestones like this over the years and there will be many more. Jen and I are “used to them,” but they aren’t ever easy. We smile (legitimately) but also wince inside.

I am reminded, however, of an life-line thrown by an amazing man of God a few weeks ago in this. Pastor Andy Roettjer, my brother, asked me if Jen and I have thought about Confirmation for Ben. I said we have, but we haven’t figured out what/when/how/who of it all. That is to say, our emotional and time banks are nearly maxed out. We have some ideas of what to do, but not much beyond. And we can’t emotionally go to the place where we can do the teaching for confirmation ourselves, despite what good Dr. Luther says. I know my responsibility and Ben is “getting Jesus” in our everyday life and dealings, but going further right now is just too big of an emotional cost.

That’s why Pastor Andy is a godsend. He said that he’d be happy to teach or do what is needed for Ben regarding confirmation.

That is HUGE for us!

When we finish this school year, we will need to find a solution here.

The sting is still there, but this offer was a cool, soothing balm, and we thank Pastor Andy for it.

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  1. Amazing family with an incredible heart for God! Pastor Scott, Jenn, Daniel and Ben – you are all beautiful witnesses of God’s love! You show it everyday by living it! Ben- We pray you get to go to confirmation classes and get confirmed! God’s love shines thru you everyday! Love your smile and tender heart! Go get em champ! We celebrate you everyday!!! Much love! The Schumachers

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