Boundaries & Guidelines. MOST Ministry – July Update

A curb, a mirror, and a guide.

That, of course, is not the start of a joke, but the three uses of God’s Law.

As a “curb,” the Law keeps us from going outside of His boundaries and wishes. It tells us that if we don’t stay within the boundaries (i.e., when we sin), consequences occur.

As a “mirror,” it shows us our sins by measuring our heart and behavior over and against how God desires and commands. When we’re tempted to say, “I haven’t murdered anyone,” the God’s Law shows us that “anyone who is angry…[or] insults” another is guilty.

A “guide” is for Christians only, showing us the way to live in freedom by God’s Law. Not threatening, but allowing a life of joyful response to God’s love and sacrifice with a genuine and indwelling spirit that is inline with His.

All three of these uses are useful, reminding us that God’s Law is good.

Today, I want to focus on the purpose of a “curb.”

Boundaries and Guides are Good!

Some of these uses can apply to many other areas of life, too. Parents have rules to protect their children. Governments are meant to protect their citizens through use of laws.

Boundaries and guides are good! That is true in families as well as in life.

It is also true for our M.O.S.T. Ministry.

One of the tasks the Home Team has been working on is helping to more closely define our boundaries and guidelines so our ministry can focus and be aligned in what we do.

One of these ways is the physical boundaries of areas in Houston we want to focus our efforts in. Although these boundaries are flexible, this helps us to visualize and approach our impact in concrete and finite ways.

Below is an interactive map to see where these boundaries have initially been set. We hope that is helpful.

MOST Ministry Areas

Perhaps even more important is a description of how we will approach the ministry and our community in the work we are doing. We have produced a document wherein we give guidance as to why the ministry exists, how the goals will fit into St. Mark’s mission and vision, and giving a framework for how the strategies will work.

You can download these MOST Ministry Guidelines as a PDF, or, if you’d prefer, I’ve placed these ministry guidelines on this webpage.

Speaking of Webpages

I have transferred nearly all of the original notebook to an online version. This helps keep everyone on the same page and makes the information available from anywhere.

Here is the temporary online home for SML’s M.O.S.T. Ministry:

Currently I do not have an updated list of tasks for each team, but those will be forthcoming.

You will notice I that the above map and guidelines are also available there, as well as a page for each team. General items relating to all teams can also be found there, including all public files for the ministry, a calendar, and more. You may want to bookmark the page for easy access!

Save the Date for an Update!

It’s about time to come back together and touch base on the ministry.

We have a tentative date of September 16, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. to get together the Home Team and the leaders/chairs of the other teams. [If that date will not work for your team leader, they can send someone in their stead. If the date really isn’t good, let me know and we can look for a better one.]

The items to prepare for the meeting include:

  1. What your team has accomplished and done.
  2. What you are planning and preparing for as we move forward.
  3. What you need as we more forward (helps? people? finances? combining teams? etc.).
  4. General dreaming and brainstorming of ways we can positively impact our community and transform people’s lives.

I have added a button below if you’d like to add it to a Google Calendar. [I‘ll also send a calendar invite in a couple of weeks.]

It is our hope that having the meeting in September, your team will have some time to work through those questions and we can see how the Lord is moving here!

Thank you!

I am so thankful and blessed to be in this ministry with you! Thank you for your heart and your service as we “Join Jesus,” sharing His love with people and transforming their lives in, through, and by Him!

In great Joy,