The BODY of Christ CAN!

I have some news to share!

When I formed the teams for the MOST Ministry, I tried to compartmentalize several of the functions and foci the ministry would need and put people who would match those particular foci on those teams.

But I also felt a few of different teams could be combined.

Two of them were team (03) CAN and another was team (04) BODY.

Last week I received the following (complete) email from Dana Roby, leader of the CAN team.

Good evening,

I pray all have been finding a cool place during these HOT days!!

Ed Fleischman invited me to their BODY meeting this evening.  They too are at a point of identifying needs and now waiting to see what direction St Mark will “gather and go”! Ed recommended that the CAN and Body group combine since many of the activities of each group overlap. I stated that we meet on Saturday mornings and the BODY group was agreeable with this meeting time. Ed would be the leader and Christina Tilotta agreed to be the secretary. It was discussed that really we would not need to meet again until after Pastor Scott is able to have the larger group meeting and some decisions of which direction we “gather and go” will be.

Any thoughts on this? 

It was discussed that this group be called “BODY CAN” as we as the body can do His work!!


God is amazing!

The MOST Home Team and I have approved this change.

In the coming weeks, I will update team email lists, purpose, tasks, etc.

Indeed, the BODY of Christ CAN do His work here in Houston!

In Praise,
Pastor Scott