MOST Ministry Leaders’ Meeting

I hope you have on your calendars for the upcoming meeting for team leaders as well as the home team.

Unfortunately, I have to change the date of that meeting from Wednesday, September 16, at 6:00 p.m. to Tuesday, September 22, at 7:00 p.m. I apologize for the change and I hope this change doesn’t cause too much of a problem. Please see if your team leader or, if the leader is not available, a team member can attend this meeting delete that word this important meeting.

Along with this meeting, I will be sending out another form online form to fill out to give an update on what each team has been doing and what is on the horizon we will use this information in our meeting on September 22.

Generally, I will be asking:

  1. What your team has accomplished and done.

  2. What you are planning and preparing for as we move forward.

  3. What you need as we more forward (helps? people? finances? combining teams? etc.).

  4. General dreaming and brainstorming of ways we can build life-changing relationships in our community.


This Sunday, August 30, following the second service, Kevin Pieper, Minister of Missions and Outreach at Salem Lutheran Church & School in Tomball, will be speaking at SML to give us a feel for missions as we consider work outside of the Houston area [i.e. national and international missions].

The meeting will take place in “the parlor,” [room 161, across from the cafeteria] and lunch will be provided!

Join us!

Please RSVP to


This Sunday, August 30, the topic for our “Elephant in the Room” series will be dealing with “Modern Day Slavery,” [i.e., “Sex Trafficking”].

As the topic will not be suitable for children, we will have a time when the children will be escorted out to the gym for games, video, and other options.

This is an important topic, so please plan to attend.