Take Up Your Cross

1 Kings 13:1-34


This prophet, though unnamed (simply, a “man of God from Judah”), is faithful to what God tells him to say; even when the words were harsh and could cost him his life.

Would that we are so bold in sharing what God would have us share!


Oh, the calamity that comes when we turn from the clear word of God! This faithful prophet is deceived by a lying fellow prophet and in his disobedience – even if done in deception – reaps a terrible reward!

How often do we seek comfort from a fellow brethren after a hard time; even if we are called not to?

Woe to us!


To see the clear word of God and His power (13:1-10) and continue in evil is the epitome of arrogance and stupidity! It is a fool who does such things!

Mark 8:11-9:1


What “signs” do I continue to demand of God before I will follow and obey Him fully?


“LORD, give us seeing eyes and hearing ears to whatever You desire us to observe and know!”


“LORD, open the eyes of my heart, likewise.”


“LORD, Jesus; You are the Christ!!!”


Ouch! Seems harsh – but whenever we have in mind “the things of Satan” instead of God’s, harsh reality is needed!


NO PROSPERITY GOSPEL HERE!!! “Take up your cross and follow Him!” That’s pretty plain! That’s pretty simple. That’s to the point!

Proverbs 3:13-22

Oh, that Solomon keep this godly Wisdom throughout his life! Oh, that we would!

“LORD, wherever I am struggling or hesitant to pick up the cross You would have me carry, discipline me, strengthen me, and give me devout, bold, and unwavering courage to do so – whatever the cost.”

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