Fear Not What’s Outside but Inside

1 Kings 11:9-12:33

It’s always amazing how God works so many miracles for us, yet we still wade into unbelief, as if to say, “yeah, but what have You done for me, lately, Lord?!”

Lest we judge Solomon and Israel too quickly or harshly, perhaps we should examine our own actions here, first.

Mark 7:14-8:10


It’s what comes out that defiles, not what goes in. It’s what we do with things in our (sinful) mind and thoughts. Our motivation. Our nature. Our pet sins. All come from within. Are processed within.


One of the greatest examples of faith shown! Even crumbs of God’s grace are more than enough to fulfill our needs! Awesome!


“Ephphatha” – I love that word! “Be opened!”

This appears to be the only place in Scripture where the word is used.

May not just our ears, mouths, and tongues be opened, but our heart and mind; our hands and time; our wallets and all of us!


This time (the feeding of the 4,000 as opposed to the 5,000), it is Jesus who initiates the feeding, rather than the disciples who want Jesus to send the people to the markets to get something to eat.

Proverbs 3:6-12

This passage should really begin with verse 5, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Verse 7: Implication? That doing evil is connected intimately with believing ourselves wise rather than fearing God. First sin and first commandment stuff!

Verses 9-10

“God doesn’t need my wealth.” True, but He wants your heart, and a person’s wealth is often a good first place to look for it!

In what ways am I despising God’s grace? How am I dismissing His miracles in my life? How can I offer thanks, and praise to Him; serve and obey Him? How can I thank Him for all He has done, instead of presumptuously, pompously, and impatiently demand something new?

Forgive me, LORD, for my sinful heart, from whence all kinds of defilement come.”

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