1 Kings 15:25–17:24

Treachery, strife, and assassinations are now common.


Elijah now comes on the scene, so speak God’s words to Ahab and his wife, Jezebel.


Elijah and the woman and her son at Zarephath.

Note 17:12,24 – “YOUR God” and “NOT I know that you are a man of God.” Were the miracles of God before those statements not enough? Are they for us to recognize His work in and through people? 

Mark 9:38–10:16


How often do we get jealous of the success or ministry of our brothers and sisters in Christ? How dare we.

v.38, “because he was not following us.” Hmm, maybe they need to understand that no one is supposed to follow them. All are supposed to follow JESUS!

v.40 – Interesting reversal [whoever isn’t against is for] of what people usually say [whoever is for isn’t against]. e.g., Romans 8:31b.


This is a good description of (1)how serious sin is in God’s eyes (no matter how small) and (2)how precious children are to Him.

Q: What does it mean, “enter life” in the context of these examples? Does it mean our physical issues we have at death will, in some way, follow us there? How does this jive with “glorified bodies?” [See Philippians 3:21]


Note the wordings: “is it lawful?” “Moses allowed.” “shall.” “What God has done.”

Those mean vastly different things. Man tries to play technicalities. God deals with the ideal and absolute.

The “exception” for divorce is not listed here (and is questionable elsewhere).


I love that Jesus was indignant when He found this out! Such is His love for children!!! See it at play, not just by His blessing them, but by doing so by taking them in His arms! LOVE IT!

Proverbs 4:1-7

If only Solomon had headed some of his own warnings!

Although He doesn’t need our help, Jesus invites each of us to be part of His plan. He desires our involvement if we do so obediently and willingly, with no thought to how great our actions will be weighed. When we accept that offer and join in His work, we are following Him and making much of Him. We won’t be distracted by ourselves.

How open are you to the idea that God can work in ways that don’t depend on us?

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