My Time at Kendleton Farms

by Trina Caudill ✠ SML Member and Volunteer

I learned a lot today about Elijah Rising’s ministry at Kendleton Farms. I am intrigued by the history of the location itself–a history of freedom, safety, and opportunity–and I am inspired by Elijah Rising’s vision to provide these to women rescued from human trafficking.

I was happy to find out that St. Mark was participating in a work day at Kendleton Farms and that my calendar was free. I came expecting to paint, but there were so many projects to tackle that our group divided up. My group helped move items into storage and clear demolition trash from one of the houses on the land. We worked with Evie, one of the staff members, at what will be her family’s house. She was so thankful that we came to help and that the hill of debris from the damaging “water event” was no longer on her back porch.

This was definitely a team effort. It would have taken SO LONG for just one or two people to do the work our group accomplished in a few hours, and because we worked together, I did not feel exhausted or overworked.

Working together is key to this ministry as Elijah Rising’s goals are bold and multifaceted, and the buildings at Kendleton Farms are old and have been vacant for a long time.

It was inspiring to see the staff so dedicated to their work and so encouraging. They have hope even though the tasks are monumental. They were so thankful that we came to help, and Evie hugged me before we left. I feel good about helping today, partnering with my brothers and sister in Christ, and walking beside them.

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